Women's Resilience Fund (2019-2025)


Client: Smallwood Trust

In the UK, women are more likely to live in economic hardship than men, and female-headed households are more likely to be financially insecure (JRF, UK Poverty 2024).

The organisations have pooled their expertise for a six-year partnership to improve social and economic outcomes for women on low incomes and their families, delivered through the Women’s Resilience Fund. The partnership funds a network of local community partners to deliver programmes on employability, housing, mental health and the provision of basic and essential needs. 2023 marked four years of partnership. Delivery highlights include: • 1,250 women receiving Barclays LifeSkills sessions, equipping them with skills they need for a better future. This has helped them to access financial education, hardship grants, mental health support and to rebuild their lives after suffering economic abuse. • A further 4,000 women will be supported in years four to six. • Millions of pounds of co-funding is benefiting 23 local communities across England and Scotland. The partnership changes lives for individual women, enabling them to thrive economically. By supporting women to have a more sustainable and secure financial future, it improves social and emotional wellbeing as well as making a critical contribution to the UK economy.