Wiggin Emerging Filmmaker Award - Wiggin Film Fund Sponsorship

Roundhouse Trust

Client: The Roundhouse Trust

Renowned as a legendary venue, the Roundhouse delivers hundreds of creative projects and opportunities for 8,000 young people each year. Covering music, media and performing arts, these opportunities offer affordable avenues for young individuals to harness their skills, gain practical experience, and pursue careers in the creative industries.

Media, technology and intellectual property law firm Wiggin is a long-term partner of the Roundhouse. Together we have created the Wiggin Emerging Filmmaker of the Year Award - a new offering for our cohort of young Filmmakers participating in the Film Fund Programme. Film Fund supports emerging filmmakers aged 18-25 to create short films with invaluable funding, resources and opportunities. The Wiggin Film Prize is awarded to one person from Film Fund, giving them £10,000 to spend across an additional 12-month programme to further progress their career as a young filmmaker. As well as financial support, Wiggin staff have volunteered their time to share their expertise with young people - as mentors and by delivering workshops and pro bono legal support. Wiggin advises businesses on realising the value of their ideas, which is exactly what they’ve done through this partnership with Roundhouse, supporting young creatives to turn their incredible ideas into reality.