Turbo-charging our supporter experience


Client: The Brain Tumour Charity

For six months from July 2022, we worked with the Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits professional services team at Salesforce.org to completely change how we understand and talk to our community of supporters, to transform their customer experience and ultimately drive significant income!

As the world’s leading brain tumour charity, The Brain Tumour Charity engages with supporters across many different channels. We know giving them an exceptional experience is essential to keeping them committed to our cause.

Marketing Cloud saw the opportunity to make a huge difference for us, utilising hours donated by a client, and led a project to define a new supporter experience. The project included data analysis, collaborative workshops and training sessions - ultimately delivering a new audience segmentation model and pilot campaign!

The campaign was a great success in terms of both donations and the insights it gave us about the segments of supporters included. But, this is just the start; the true value of the partnership will be many times greater as we use the new approach to better communicate with all of our supporters, improving their experiences, bring them into our community and deepening their long term relationship with and advocacy for The Charity.