The Pet Food Partnership

Petplan Limited

Client: FareShare, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Cats Protection, Dogs Trust, RSPCA

Over the last year the cost of living crisis has continued to impact on pets and the animal welfare sector, with many dogs and cats being brought to rescue centres by heartbroken owners no longer able to afford to care for them. FareShare has also seen skyrocketing demand for food, with more people needing support to feed themselves and their families as they struggle to make ends meet. Working with leading animal charities, the partnership was created at the end of 2022 with the goal of helping owners struggling to feed their pets during the cost of living crisis. 

With the animal charities working together to secure pet food donations from pet food manufacturers across the UK, the food is then distributed to the people and their pets who need it via FareShare’s network of over 8,500 community groups and charities across the UK, supported by a generous donation towards transportation costs from Petplan, the UK’s number one pet insurer. The partnership ensured and continues to ensure that people experiencing the cost of living crisis, don’t have to relinquish a member of their family by re-homing their pet.