Assura plc

Agency: Charity partner: Cheshire Community Foundation

The Assura Community Fund was launched in 2020 to support health-improving projects by charities and local organisations in the communities around Assura's 600 GP surgery, primary care and treatment centre buildings across the UK. The fund is managed for Assura by Cheshire Community Foundation, in an innovative new partnership to help strengthen connections between primary care and the voluntary and community sector around the country. It has already distributed more than £800,000 to charities and organisations working across the UK.

The fund's work is one part of Assura's social impact strategy, and by March 2026 aims to have made a difference to health for more than one million people living within a 15-mile radius of Assura sites.

The scale of the task ahead to rebuild community health beyond the pandemic is clear but the Assura Community Fund is playing its part by supporting local health projects to reduce isolation, rebuild health confidence, skills and lessen health inequalities.