Tesco & FareShare Partnership


Client: FareShare

Food insecurity in the UK is at crisis level. With millions of people struggling to feed their families due to the cost of living crisis, and additional strain on food charities to deliver more food than ever, Tesco launched its Building Stronger Communities initiative, providing vital support to its charity partners during an increasingly difficult time.

In what is now the tenth year of partnership, the relationship between food charity FareShare and Tesco has been bolstered by an exponential increase in support from the retailer. This includes additional funding to support the charity through the cost of living crisis, an extra annual food collection, an innovative campaign called Buy One to Help a Child (BOTHAC) and a donation only pop up shop, The Give Back Express.

Across two BOTHAC campaigns and The Give Back Express, Tesco and its customers donated more than £5m to FareShare. Some of this funding enabled FareShare to purchase additional food to meet demand, while the rest ensured that its network of 31 regional centres could continue vital operations during the cost of living crisis.