Tackling Homelessness in Manchester

The Co-operative Bank

Client: Centrepoint

The Co-operative Bank and Centrepoint have partnered since 2017 and this year passed the £2million mark raised. The impact the partnership has had on Centrepoint’s activity in Manchester has been incredible. The bank were the largest funder of Centrepoint’s Oldham Street service refurb, which is the central hub for the charity’s work in the city. They also fund two roles in the homeless prevention team, delivering on the ground support to the most entrenched homeless young people in Manchester. These new roles have been a godsend to the team in helping to deal with the increased pressure on the services due to the cost of living crisis. The bank are not only supporting front line teams, they have also been working with Centrepoint to tackle one of the barriers for young people at risk of homelessness – access to banking. Together we are launching a Manchester trial of “Bridge to Banking” where young people at risk of homelessness can get access to their own bank account. We are incredibly proud of the partnership with the Co-operative Bank and the impact it has had on our ability to support the young people of Manchester at risk of homelessness.