Agency: Charity partner: Marie Curie

Superdrug and Marie Curie joined forces in 2013 for an initial two-year partnership that has now spanned eight and raised over £6 million. With both organisations sharing the belief that end of life care and bereavement support should be available to all who need it in the UK, the partnership was extended for two extra years in January 2020.

In 2020, Superdrug used the scale and strength of their colleagues, customers and suppliers to raise over £500,000 to ensure Marie Curie could adapt, scale up and expand their critical frontline care and bereavement support in response to the pandemic. Facing a challenging retail climate, colleagues across the business continued to prioritise the partnership. Committed colleagues fundraised passionately, while Superdrug's Own Brand and suppliers launched commercial campaigns that raised donations through the sale of products and increased awareness of the charity. Superdrug used their reach as a trusted retailer to promote Marie Curie campaigns and services to new audiences.

Superdrug has driven lasting and impactful change to the way Marie Curie provides end of life care and support, by ensuring critical services could adapt and expand to meet the needs of increasing numbers of people affected by end of life UK-wide.