Springbok AI x Access Social Care legal information chatbot

Springbok AI

Client: Access Social Care

The Access Social Care team have been providing expert legal advice and casework in the field of social care for over 10 years, supporting disabled and older people to live the life they choose. We knew our small team couldn't meet the huge need in this area, so we wanted to use our expertise to build a tool that people could use to create their own legal letters that we know, from experience, can create change. Springbok AI brought their innovative thinking and technical mastery to the problem and, together, we designed and built a friendly chatbot that asks its users the key questions needed to create bespoke and effective letters to directly address their problem. With our chatbot now on three websites, and ready to be added to many more trusted advice providers’ webpages, we can now support many more people to change their lives through an increased awareness and confidence in asserting their legal rights. With the chatbot able to help with more common legal problems, our caseworkers are freed up to focus on the complex cases and help those most in need of their skills, and intelligence gathered from chatbot use can drive change across the sector.