Sony Music UK Social Justice Fund

Sony Music UK

Client: Various organisations

Created in June 2020, the Global Social Justice Fund (SJF) was set up by Sony Music to support social justice, equal rights and anti-racist initiatives. Operating along three strategic pillars of education and skills, criminal justice and rehabilitation, and civic and community engagement, the Global SJF creates opportunities for individuals in under-served communities to improve education, skills and life chances. The UK SJF is part of this $100 million Fund that operates across different territories and divisions of Sony with the help of our colleagues around the world.

To date, the UK SJF has awarded almost £2.2million in grants to 22 charity partners working across the country. Our focus has been on broadening access to music education and skills, backing criminal justice reform projects and supporting grassroots communities. We provide resources for young people who may be underrepresented, marginalised or vulnerable and work to boost representation. We like to work with organisations that tackle difficult issues in original and impactful ways.

As well as providing the beneficiaries with funding, we are dedicated to supporting these causes on a truly holistic level, with employees and artists becoming involved through volunteering their time and skills, mentorship, leading workshops and more.