Skills Based Volunteering

Lloyds Banking Group

Client: Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales

Lloyds Bank Foundation partners with small and local charities, people, and communities working towards a more just and compassionate society. It is an independent charitable foundation funded by the profits of Lloyds Banking Group (LBG). Through unrestricted funding, support to develop, and influencing policy and practice it helps small and local charities thrive, communities grow, and people overcome complex issues so they can transform their lives. Small charities can find it difficult to access good resources. The Foundation helps charities thrive beyond the lifetime of its funding by sharing tools and resources – and drawing on its connection with LBG. For 10 years, Lloyds Bank Foundation has been connecting charities to its corporate funder, providing the opportunity for LBG colleagues to volunteer, sharing their knowledge and experience. The Foundation’s skills based volunteering programme has created more than 2800 opportunities for volunteers to support small charities. Some initiatives provide groups of volunteers, with many charities and colleagues taking part multiple times. Nearly 1500 volunteer support activities created for charities since it started. Skilled volunteering is a win-win-win: a) charities have access to specialised skills; b) employees gain new perspectives, skills and confidence c) businesses gain new perspective and engaged employees.