Agency: Charity partner: Shelter

Shelter and HSBC UK have been working in partnership since 2018, to improve the lives of individuals and families suffering the negative effects of the housing and homelessness emergency. From strategic programmes to volunteering and fundraising, our partnership spans a variety of activities which help us tackle the causes of bad housing and homelessness.

In 2019, we launched a ground-breaking new initiative to support clients with no previous or fixed address to access a bank account. As part of their support journey with us, clients who had previously struggled to open an account could now do so when accompanied to a HSBC UK branch by their Shelter caseworker. Since the launch of the programme, we have supported over 70 of our clients to access banking - but we won't stop there. We plan to grow the programme in 2021 and continue to create bank accounts for the most vulnerable members of society.

We have deepened our relationship with HSBC through work on a cause related marketing initiative on Home Insurance. Launched in 2019, HSBC donated £5 to Shelter on every policy sold to support our work protecting individuals and families experiencing the sharp end of the housing and homelessness emergency.