Refugee Aid Action Group

Osborne Clarke

Client: SolidariTee

International legal practice Osborne Clarke have been supporting SolidariTee, an international charity led by young people which works with local partner NGOs to provide legal aid to asylum seekers living in refugee camps across Greece. What began as a small working group set up at the end of 2021 has become a partnership which continues today.

The collaboration brings together a programme of innovative events to raise awareness of global refugee issues, with a focus on discussion and self-reflection. In addition, members of the Osborne Clarke Refugee Aid Action Group and senior leadership have invested time in supporting SolidariTee’s student volunteers, as the next generation of industry professionals, policy makers, and educators, with invaluable experience, strategic guidance and mentorship opportunities.

By providing Osborne-Clarke team members with ways to create tangible change for refugees and asylum seekers, at varying levels of time commitment, the partnership has also been able to directly fund several months’ worth of expenses for legal aid NGOs.