Reckitt and WWF: Working together to protect precious habitats and species, drive sustainable business transformation and inspire millions of consumers to act for our planet.


Client: WWF UK

In 2021, Reckitt, a global leader in health, hygiene and nutrition, joined forces with WWF to reverse the decline of nature. Over three years, the partnership has safeguarded vulnerable freshwater ecosystems, restored wildflower habitats, explored sustainable business solutions and inspired millions to join the fight for nature.

The combination of WWF's environmental expertise and Reckitt's sustainability ambitions has enabled the partnership to drive impact at grassroots and global levels. Projects in India and Brazil have helped protect and restore 2,100 kilometres of critical river basins – the Ganga and Tapajos – ensuring the conservation of free-flowing rivers, environmental flows, and water quality. In addition, WWF’s partnerships with Reckitt brands, enabled by their widespread consumer outreach, has helped to safeguard and restore global habitats. Working with Finish, we have educated the public on the threats facing rivers, lakes, and wetlands and urged individuals to reduce their water footprint within the home. WWF’s partnership with Air Wick has provided vital habitat for pollinators and restored biodiversity in crucial landscapes around the world. Together, we are helping to protect and restore over 1 billion square feet of wildflower meadows and grassland in 11 countries.