‘Real Life Roomsets’


Client: Shelter, the National Campaign for Homeless People Limited

In 2022, Shelter and IKEA embarked on an eight year partnership to defend the thing that both organisations believe more than anything: that home is everything. ​To launch our ambitious strategic partnership, together we created our ‘Real Life Roomsets’ campaign, which saw the real-life living conditions of Shelter clients living in temporary accommodation replicated and built in four commercial spaces in IKEA stores across the UK. The contrast of the ideal living conditions of the iconic IKEA ‘Roomsets’ with the bleak conditions of temporary accommodation, served to raise awareness to the public as well as provide a call-to-action to join us in our shared ambition to fight the housing emergency. Together, Shelter and IKEA aim to ensure that by 2030, half a million people in need have access to a better life at home. The backbone of the partnership includes campaigning for 90,000 social homes to be built a year by 2030. This campaign was aligned with IKEA's focus on the importance of creating a better everyday life at home and Shelter’s dedication to ending the housing emergency. The purposeful stakeholder targeting included policymakers and consumers and was underpinned by our clear campaign messaging.