Reactive Response

Cadent Foundation

Client: National Energy Action (NEA)

The need to disconnect or isolate the gas supply to a property because pipework or appliances are unsafe, can be a daily occurrence for gas engineers. Whilst necessary to protect lives, this can be devastating for those who are already struggling to afford heating costs and other essentials.

Reactive Response is a pioneering new safeguarding system designed to help people stay warm and safe in their homes. Created by the Cadent Foundation, National Energy Action (NEA) and gas distribution network Cadent, it offers support to vulnerable customers who have had their gas supply disconnected on safety grounds and do not have the means or capacity to arrange repairs or replacement appliances.

This scheme is leading the field with its innovative and holistic approach to supporting customers in vulnerable circumstances. The number of referrals we receive each day highlights the increasing level of need and frequency with which people find themselves at risk of living in a cold home, with no access to hot water or cooking facilities. A Reactive Response referral can be the key to getting people back on track and re-establishing a safe and effective heating system.