ReachOut and Macquarie Group: Strategic Partnership

Macquarie Group

Client: ReachOut

The long term and transformational partnership between Macquarie Group and ReachOut began in 2009. Based on a shared vision of helping young people from disadvantaged communities fulfil their potential, our relationship grew organically to become a strategic partnership including multi-year grant funding, pro-bono support, and senior level participation in ReachOut’s Board of Trustees.

Donations from Macquarie have totalled over £475,000 and have been instrumental in ReachOut’s growth to become a £1million charity in 2021.

At the heart of our partnership was the desire for Macquarie to support a charitable organisation within the community where Macquarie staff work and live. We saw dedicated staff mentoring young people on a weekly basis, senior staff mentoring ReachOut Project Leaders and talented individuals running employability workshops and code clubs. Over 300 staff have taken part in football and dodgeball tournaments, the London Marathon, and half marathons, raising £95,000.

The partnership has been flexible and dynamic, responding to ReachOut’s growth and supporting new initiatives; Macquarie were a founding partner of the ReachOut Level Up Experience, and a headline sponsor of the 2018 Summer Reception at the House of Commons. In response to Covid-19, Macquarie provided an unrestricted grant to help ReachOut transition their programmes online.