Prostate Cancer UK & EDF


Client: Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer UK and EDF established their partnership in 2020 and aimed to engage EDF's 68% male workforce in vital prostate cancer awareness and fundraising for the charity. Originally a three-year initiative with a £300,000 target, due to challenges faced early in the partnership the duration was extended for 12 months with an elevated goal of £500,000.

Outside of fundraising Impactful initiatives included EDF employee participation in the Prostate Cancer UK genetics research. In addition both organisations overcame obstacles to deliver awareness days at all EDF sites, conducting virtual talks and collaborating with occupational health teams to drive cultural change at the company. The collaboration successfully identified at least 178 at-risk men through the Risk Checker tool and engaged EDF's social media reach for wider campaign promotion. The partnership hugely surpassed expectations, with fundraising events, EDF contributions and employee donations all contributing to an incredible £827,000 total which both organisations are immensely proud of.