Pretty Powerful

Smart Works

Client: Smart Works Charity

‘Pretty Powerful’ is the pinnacle of philanthropic partnerships. This multifaceted, long-standing partnership was born from natural synergy between Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and Smart Works Charity who firmly believe that when a woman looks and feels her best, she can transform her life. In 2023, ‘Pretty Powerful’ celebrated its 10th anniversary and achieved an incredible milestone of raising £1million of vital funds through brand collaborations and donations. This is in addition to Bobbi Brown Pro Artists donating their time and product to support Smart Works clients with make-up masterclasses across the UK and helping to spread the word. Every penny raised and moment spent has helped to change lives. It is the passion and the unwavering support from Bobbi Brown over the last 10 years that makes this partnership so special. It has enabled Smart Works to help more women, open an additional nine centres across the UK and reach more than 35,000 women, to help them gain financial independence and a sense of purpose and identity through employment. The partnership shows no signs of slowing down, having just renewed commitment and doubled the target to raise another million over the next 5 years.