Poems for Parkinson's : Amplifying the voices of the Parkinson's Community

Smart Outdoor

Client: Parkinson's UK

Since 2021, Smart Outdoor advertising agency and Parkinson’s UK have delivered a unique strategic partnership amplifying the voices of those living with Parkinson's and raising awareness of the condition.

For World Parkinson’s Day 2023, Parkinson’s UK approached Smart Outdoor to support a campaign that would give people with Parkinson’s a platform to express themselves through poetry. Their work would be showcased on digital billboards across the country to raise awareness of the condition and bring their experiences to life. Smart Outdoor donated £350,000 of space for the campaign whilst MD Mark Catterall, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2019, rallied his contacts across the industry. This resulted in almost £1 million of free advertising space. More than 2000 screens across the UK beamed out poems for Parkinson’s, raising awareness and breaking down misconceptions about the condition.