PA Consulting Community Engagement Team

PA Consulting Group

Client: The PA Foundation

Driving impact for our communities at PA is a team of two CSR professionals; a small team with substantial influence.

In 2023 we launched ‘PA in the Community’ – our reimagined, repurposed, community engagement programme which seeks to develop and inspire people from disadvantaged backgrounds to be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow. At the heart of our success, is a strategic fusion of resources: a substantial £10million in funding from The PA Foundation – a newly established grant-making charity - coupled with the dedicated volunteer time and expertise of our employees to help raise aspirations and transform lives. In 2023 we: - Donated over £2million to 20 charity partners; working together strategically on initiatives that align with our purpose. - Directly supported over 3700 people facing disadvantage. - Provided 233 charities/non-profits with business skills and expertise. - Achieved a 100% increase in employee volunteer hours from 10,000 in 2022 to 20,000 in 2023. - Engaged 27% of employees in volunteering (up from 13% in 2022). - Became a Silver Award winner in the 2023 UK Social Mobility Awards.