Oxfam X Tony’s Chocolonely X Glastonbury Festival

Tony's Chocolonely Ltd

Client: Oxfam GB

What do an ethically sourced chocolate brand, one of the world’s biggest music festivals, and a global development NGO have in common? Our determination to drive social justice, tackle exploitation and end poverty. That’s why in 2023 Tony’s Chocolonely, Glastonbury and Oxfam partnered to launch limited edition chocolate bars with a surprise twist! We sent people into Oxfam shops on a mission to find five golden tickets to Glastonbury, hidden within special Tony’s chocolate bars – all whilst raising awareness and money for our shared mission to fight poverty.

Building on our long-term partnerships (Oxfam has been an official Glastonbury charity partner since 1993, and Tony’s Chocolonely bars have been sold in Oxfam shops and online since 2019) to create a ‘superhero trio of synchronised brands’, we created a campaign that took social media by storm – resulting in the sales of thousands of chocolate bars, increased footfall to Oxfam stores, and a huge amount of media and PR coverage for all three brands, raising the profile and mission of both Tony’s and Oxfam.