Octopus Giving



Octopus Giving is our way of helping charities and communities- not just with money but also with our time and our enthusiasm. We want to drive positive social change and leave the world better than when we found it.

When we first started out, we relied on the small number of people who gave us a chance and chose to invest in our dream. We never forget that. Octopus Giving is our way of putting something back, by helping to give others their chance. The charities we support started out small, like us. They are Downright Excellent, The Choir with No Name, FoodCycle and MyBnk. They have big ambitions and help people who could very easily slip through the cracks without anyone there to make a difference. We encourage and reward people for giving their time and skills to causes they care about.

We also fund social impact initiatives like installing solar panels to light football pitches in Kenya and we encourage philanthropic behaviour in all our people through schemes like The International Exchange, attendance at The Funding Network and give £20 perhour volunteered to our charities and our Volunteer of the Month gives £500 to their choice of charity.

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