Nourishing Futures


Client: FareShare

Nando's exemplary commitment to social responsibility shines in their transformative partnership with FareShare, a leading surplus food distribution charity. Their joint Employability Initiative ingeniously combines surplus food redistribution with creating pathways into employment for vulnerable individuals. Championed by Nando's, this visionary idea addresses both food insecurity and unemployment simultaneously by devising regular recruitment days for the service users of FareShare’s charities, achieving an impressive 85% job offer rate at Nando’s inaugural Community Hire Workshop.

The collaboration's scale is remarkable, involving active engagement from Nando's Central Support Team, restaurant managers, and FareShare's Employability Team, fostering an inclusive approach. The pilot has resulted in 12 life-changing job offers for individuals facing challenges. Moreover, the redistribution of 485 tons of surplus chicken from Nando's to communities in need, equivalent to 1,154,738 meals, underscores their profound impact on society. Nando's and FareShare have not only demonstrated a commitment to community welfare but have set a standard for businesses seeking holistic solutions to societal issues. Their story serves as an inspiring example of corporate social responsibility, deserving recognition through the Project of the Year Award.