National Databank

Virgin Media O2

Client: Good Things Foundation

The cost-of-living crisis has truly exacerbated the UK's digital divide, isolating the disconnected and entrenching social injustices.

To address this, Virgin Media O2 partnered with charity Good Things Foundation to launch the National Databank - providing free mobile data to those in need via a network of community hubs.

Initially pledging 7.5 million GB, Virgin Media O2 doubled down as the crisis deepened, increasing data donations to 61 million GB. To date, the partnership has connected Big Issue vendors through free SIMs, celebrated the opening of the 1000th Databank Hub, and seen the initiative launch in all O2 stores. Beyond the Databank, Virgin Media O2 has donated £2 million to Good Things Foundation for digital skills training, funded the Future Skills Academy, and provided free WiFi boxes for families. This mutually dedicated partnership has supported Britain through the crisis, with 250,000 SIM cards distributed and over 1,900 hubs established. Further, the collaboration garnered cross-industry participation, with Vodafone and Three also donating data. The National Databank has proven that when purpose and partnership intertwine, no divide is too difficult to bridge. This collaboration has fuelled hope for a participatory digital society amid economic adversity.