Movember and Pringles team up to supercharge better conversations about mental health.


Client: Movember

Partnership summary:

Pringles and Movember have partnered since 2020, recognising a shared identity based on their sense of fun and belief in the importance of social connection to improve mental wellbeing.

Movember tackles men’s mental health by going to where men are via health awareness campaigns and providing health literacy programmes that speak to them. Working with Pringles, Movember can leverage their incredible reach to get Movember’s vital mental health messaging to new audiences.

As the partnership grew, the teams wanted to bring mental health assets directly into the hands of the British public. The Pringles’ can is the brand’s biggest real-estate, getting into the homes of millions of Brits every year. So together, Pringles and Movember transformed Mr. P.’s iconic moustache into a QR code; this led directly to the Movember Conversations website – a free online tool enabling people to start difficult conversations about mental health. Goal: Supercharge meaningful conversations about mental health amongst the British public.