The ASOS Foundation and Centrepoint

The ASOS Foundation

Client: Centrepoint

Since our partnership began in 2017, The ASOS Foundation have empowered Centrepoint to innovate. Their funding and support has helped us to make positive changes in each facet of our organisation; service delivery, fundraising, and volunteering.

In 2017 ASOS helped fund the launch of the Centrepoint Helpline, which has since become an essential part of our service and strategy to tackle youth homelessness. Since then, they have funded new digital initiatives, such as our Young Person Portal, to ensure that Centrepoint are able to adapt its support for young people and deliver services through channels that are accessible and relevant. In 2018 ASOS helped Centrepoint to transform our now flagship fundraising event, Sleep Out, becoming our first ever Sleep Out Sponsor. Then in 2022 they became our first partner to ‘twin’ with a service; revolutionising our corporate volunteering offer. Together, developing an opportunity that enables our partners to directly support and connect with a service in their area and the young people it supports. 2023 saw ASOS hit the £2 million milestone. This, coupled with pro-bono support and continued encouragement, has enabled Centrepoint to continue to innovate and improve its services for homeless young people.