McAdams x RSPCA partnership


Client: RSPCA

McAdams Pet Foods, the manufacturers of high welfare pet products and the RSPCA have been working in partnership since 2022. Four billion farmed animals go into pet food every year and only a small fraction of these animals are cared for to higher welfare standards which is something our partnership set out to change. Over recent years, consumers have become more mindful about how ethical the food they eat is but sadly this shift wasn’t reflected in the pet food industry other than by McAdams. McAdams Pet Foods ethically sourced free range, cats and dog food is available exclusively to the independent pet trade and stocked in over 300 stores in the UK including 160 store Pets Corner stores. McAdams also provides food at a reduced cost for our animal centres meaning rescued cats and dogs have access to good quality, ethical food. Through this ground-breaking partnership, we now hope to see other pet food manufacturers follow suit, further improving the lives of pets and farm animals.