Lidl GB

Agency: Charity partner: NSPCC

Lidl GB are working with the NSPCC to help the charity's Childline service to be here for children. In 2020 Lidl renewed their partnership with the NSPCC, pledging to raise £2 million in 2 years to fund the recruitment of Childline volunteers and enable the Childline website to support young people online. When the coronavirus pandemic hit it led to unprecedented challenges in delivering the volunteer-led Childline service. At the same time, a whole range of new safeguarding concerns for children and young people came to the fore; including increased mental health problems due to isolation and reduced access to statutory services. The lockdowns meant for some children and young people in need of support Childline was, and continues to be a vital lifeline. Lidl responded to the urgent need faced by the NSPCC and stepped up to support in new ways in 2020. They built on their previous partnership experience; developed a brand new through the line campaign 'The Rainbow Trail', went contactless with their employee fundraising and leveraged their supplier brand relationships- all of which enabled them to continue to raise vital funds for Childline and help bring children's mental wellbeing to the forefront of public consciousness.