Leeds Building Society and Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

Leeds Building Society

Client: Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

Leeds Building Society’s partnership with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust embodies our commitment to act responsibly for our members, colleagues and communities, creating a stable financial and environmental future for generations to come.

In 2023, our support played a vital role in this small charity’s ability to deliver big things for the people, landscape and wildlife of the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas. Together, we have helped to address the climate and biodiversity crises and created opportunities for our colleagues and some of the most marginalised, nature deprived and vulnerable groups in the country to access green space to enhance their wellbeing. The most successful year of our partnership to date has delivered multiple social and environmental impacts of which we are immensely proud. These include: 

 • The planting of 8,748 trees in the least wooded of the UK’s National Parks. 

 • The restoration of 1 hectare of species rich wildflower meadow, helping to bring back our most biodiverse habitat from the brink of extinction. 

 • Each of the 111 LBS volunteers in 2023 has helped capture 3.75 tonnes of Co2 through hands-on habitat creation work - that’s the equivalent of 20,000 travel miles from a family sized car.