KPMG and the National Literacy Trust's 'Vision for Literacy Business Pledge'


Client: National Literacy Trust

Literacy is a pressing priority in the UK. 1 in 6 adults have low literacy, and research from KPMG has estimated that literacy failure costs the UK economy £2.5 billion each year . Tackling the nation’s low literacy levels is a cause for business, civil society, government and communities. KPMG and the National Literacy Trust have worked together since 2012 and have since co-founded a nationwide movement galvanising businesses to boost the nation’s literacy.

Founded by KPMG and the National Literacy Trust, The Vision for Literacy Business Pledge has a unique reach; the consortium of 19 charities and 83 businesses span every sector and economic region in the UK, united behind a common cause. Each business delivers tangible literacy benefits to their workforce, their community, and come together to influence public policy.