Agency: Charity partner: NSPCC

KPMG and the NSPCC share a passionate belief that children and young people from all backgrounds should have a fair start in life and the power to shape their future rather than letting it be determined by circumstances outside their control. KPMG have successfully raised over £1.2 million of their £1.5 million target for the NSPCC's Schools Service and Childline. When COVID-19 hit we had to quickly adapt the partnership in order to fulfil our partnership goals with KPMG generously extending the partnership for another year. The partnership has gone on to feature some incredible fundraising and pro-bono work as well as producing some great volunteers. Stand-out activities over the past 12-months include a virtual Around the World challenge where employees collectively travelled over 100 thousand kilometres, as well as the Childline Online data analysis work where they enabled the NSPCC to get a deeper understanding of the changing needs of children in light of the pandemic. KPMG and NSPCC's joint efforts throughout the pandemic has enabled the NSPCC to be there for children at a time they need it the most.