Inclusive and Proud: The Deloitte x Just Like Us partnership

Deloitte LLP

Client: Just Like Us

Deloitte's partnership with Just Like Us (JLU) has been transformative, supporting LGBTQ+ youth and promoting inclusion. Through direct support, pro bono assistance, and fundraising, Deloitte has made a significant impact on JLU's growth and influence. The partnership has centered around supporting LGBTQ+ young people through JLU's Ambassador Programme, enhancing the quality of JLU's offerings, and raising awareness of LGBTQ+ issues. Deloitte's employees have contributed over 500 hours to pro bono projects since June 2022. Additionally, Deloitte has donated £75,000 to help expand the Ambassador Programme, reaching 200 Ambassadors this year. The partnership has also sponsored groundbreaking research on the experiences of LGBTQ+ young people, generating national media coverage and cross-party support. Deloitte's pro bono services, valued at over £130,000, have aided JLU's growth and maturity. The partnership has fostered collaboration through initiatives like Pride marches and LGBTQ+ webinars, reinforcing Deloitte's commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion. The visibility of JLU in our communications and events, shows the firm’s commitment to inclusion throughout the year; while volunteering, fundraising and our LGBTQ+ network activity helps provide a safer, more welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ employees. The partnership has enabled JLU to reach over 18,400 young people in UK schools, making a transformative difference.