Imodium & Guts UK


Client: Guts UK Charity

43% of UK adults suffer from digestive discomfort yet the majority are too embarrassed to talk about it, with a shocking 51% delaying seeking advice for over 6 months. Imodium® and Guts UK collaborated to make a change to this, combining their 100 years of experience to support individuals’ by opening up the conversation about gut health and providing trustworthy information.

The multi-faceted campaign engaged and educated people about digestive health, worked to tackle the stigma, and connected individuals with the support they need. Key campaign elements included: • Co-created educational content • An in-person and on-demand recorded ‘Guts & Butts’ exercise class • Extensive PR support • Interactive digital media with social media posts, display ads and GoodLoop opt-in video ads • Posters behind toilet doors across the country • Retail media and in store point-of-sale messaging • Outreach to healthcare professionals We reached and-influenced millions of people with overwhelmingly positive results. 62% of consumers surveyed reported that they are more likely to seek support from Guts UK as a result of the campaign and we helped individuals know that they are not alone through educating and inspiring them to open the conversation and talk about their guts!