Iceland Foods and Alzheimer’s Research UK - transforming the nation’s brain health

Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation

Client: Alzheimer's Research UK

Iceland and Alzheimer’s Research UK developed a ground-breaking campaign during World Alzheimer’s Month 2022 to transform the nation’s brain health.

What made the partnership truly outstanding was the opportunity for Iceland to help reach traditionally under-served communities with vital brain health messaging.

The support of Iceland was crucial as up to 40% of dementia cases could be avoidable through health and lifestyle choices. However, just a third of people in the UK realise it’s possible to reduce their dementia risk - and this number is significantly lower for people on lower incomes.

An integrated campaign was developed to reach audiences - •Campaign messaging was included on product packaging, encouraging customers to make healthier choices. •Internal and external communications to drive vital awareness. •Celebrity chef support to encourage people to adopt healthy behaviours. •E-learning giving employees the opportunity to learn about brain health. •Senior level support with Richard Walker, Executive Chairman of Iceland, actively promoting the campaign.

This exceptional partnership delivered significant benefits for both organisations and most importantly society - ultimately helping to save lives by empowering people with the knowledge they need to reduce their risk of dementia.