Home-Start UK and BT 3Ds programme

BT Group

Client: Home-Start UK

Since the global pandemic, working and learning online has become a normal part of everyday life. But, this shift online has dramatically widened inequality, with millions of children from poorer households not having access to a computer or the internet at home, depriving them of access to school resources and educational opportunities. Their parents too are disconnected, unable to apply for jobs online, access medical appointments or apply for benefits. This digital divide is deepening existing inequalities, leaving poorer families behind, and making it harder for them to catch up.

Home-Start UK and the BT Group, 'BT' joined forces in July 2021 to tackle the digital divide by connecting families and putting them in a position where they can join the digital world. At the start of the partnership Home-Start conducted research to fully understand the problems affecting families. Informed by the research, the 3Ds project was launched in September 2022. The 3Ds project provided devices, digital confidence and data connectivity to families and volunteers. Over 5,000 families have been reached by this project so far and families including those living in temporary housing, fleeing violence or seeking asylum have been connected to the digital world.