Greggs Foundation Community Grants

The Greggs Foundation

Client: The Greggs Foundation

The Greggs Foundation believes in funding organisations that play an essential role in helping tackle the challenges facing communities. We offer core funding grants to community organisations across the UK of up to £20,000 per year, part-funded by a portion of the profits donated by Greggs Outlets. In 2023, £1.3m was distributed to community organisations.

Greggs Outlets are based all over the UK and are a key part of The Greggs Pledge to build stronger, healthier communities and reduce food waste. By selling unsold products at a reduced price, families on a tight budget can spend less while still having access to great quality food. A portion of Greggs Outlet profits are then donated to The Greggs Foundation to distribute to local organisations through the Community Grants Programme.

We understand different locations face a range of challenges and give priority to organisations supporting people to access a range of effective community services to widen networks, reduce isolation, build knowledge, confidence and opportunities.