GPE and XLP charity partnership


Client: XLP

XLP and GPE have spent the last 18 months creating lasting positive social impact within our local London communities. The partnership has a shared goal of providing strong support across the construction community and at a local level, enabling all of us to improve and build positive societal change.

Aligned with the launch of GPE’s Social Impact Strategy there is a common understanding of shared work and values XLP brings, as well as providing a variety of opportunities for GPE employees to meet and work with young people from XLP. This approach continues to open up the door to new opportunities for young people in the Construction and Property industry through themselves and also sub-contractors. GPE has used their building skills, sustainability priorities, spaces and their people to connect with young members of XLP in dynamic and life enhancing ways both for young people and also in strengthening the company team. The value created for XLP exceeds over £372,000 so far, but the partnership is about creating a lasting legacy, beyond the time-bound interventions of the partnership.