Global Feminism in Solidarity and Action


Client: The Circle

TikTok and The Circle partnered to end violence against women and girls by empowering victims of gender-based violence with skills and training to help them find work, live independently, and reintegrate into society.

19,841 young women and girls directly supported through £100,000 was donated to five grassroots partners in Kenya, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and the UK to support their work with gender-based violence victims, An additional £52,000 was ring-fenced to launch a new global feminism educational series on topics such as Afghanistan, Uganda, and the global situation for women and girls. These events, attended by 530+ delegates, featured trailblazing panellists such as Annie Lennox, Julia Gillard, Zahra Joya, Lucy Siegle, and Hasina Safi, with the second session aired live from Uganda, showcasing our grassroots partner, Women In Leadership. This incredible support allowed us to directly amplify grassroots voices and the vulnerable women they support. With TikTok's support The Circle was also able to reach 40 million new people during their 16 Days of Activism campaigns in 2022 and 2023.