Enterprise Challenge/Mosaic Programme/Achieve

The Watches of Switzerland Group

Client: The Prince’s Trust

The enduring partnership between The Prince's Trust and Watches of Switzerland Group (WoSG) epitomises a steadfast commitment to youth empowerment and social impact. WoSG has donated and helped raise over £2.7 million through collaborative endeavours, supporting The Prince’s Trust’s work and our impactful education programmes.

The vital funds raised go towards early intervention in schools, supporting 6,969 young people in developing confidence, resilience, and key skills to be successful in an education environment and beyond. We recognise that prevention is better than the cure. By supporting a blend of education programmes, combined with volunteering opportunities designed to inspire young lives, we can give young people the tools they need to raise aspirations and be the best that they can be. WoSG's engagement extends beyond financial support, with over 150 staff members actively participating in volunteer work and fundraising initiatives. From inspirational talks to Enterprise workshops and World of Work Days, WoSG's involvement has been integral to fostering a culture of excellence and resilience among young individuals. Together, we remain unfaltering in our mission to effect lasting social change, inspire hope, and empower the next generation of leaders and change-makers.