Empowering Deliveroo riders to spot the signs of abuse and neglect

Deliveroo / NSPCC


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone's lives and with children in lockdown and out of school, it brought about a whole new host of safeguarding concerns about children. During the first national lockdown, Deliveroo riders utilised their role as key workers out in the community and took NSPCC's 'It's Your Call' training to help them spot the signs of abuse and neglect and know what to do if they were worried. In addition, Deliveroo riders promoted the NSPCC's helpline on their iconic delivery bags to signpost the public if they had concerns about a child.


The partnership captured the public's imagination and the resulting PR campaign generated over 100 media hits with a combined reach of nearly 115 million, helping to spread the message about looking out for children, and raising awareness of the NSPCC's helpline.

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