Dispose With Dignity

phs Group and ‘Cause

Client: Prostate Cancer UK

The ‘Dispose with Dignity’ project was launched by Prostate Cancer UK and phs Group in February 2023, with the publication of co-authored new research into the experience of men living with urinary incontinence, a common side-effect following lifesaving treatment for prostate cancer. It comprised: - Launch of specially designed bin for male incontinence products, co-branded with Prostate Cancer UK, so far utilised in 7,000 sites - workplaces, service stations & local authority facilities. - Equality Campaigning – Male incontinence is a serious issue. affecting far more men across wider ages than previously thought. As a result of this project, this has been discussed in public and private across parliament, and the Health & Safety Executive is set to consult on stipulating that sanitary bins should be supplied in washrooms for all genders. - Awareness Raising – conversations with the charity’s beneficiaries taught us men want to talk about male incontinence, and was backed up by our research. Their voice was central to the campaign – achieving 159 pieces of coverage, circulation above 28.5m and reach of over 85m. - Parliamentary Influence & Legislative Change - Over 2,600 people wrote to their MP, 16 parliamentary questions tabled, Westminster Hall debate secured