Dancing Leopard x Railway Children

Dancing Leopard

Client: Railway Children

Dancing Leopard’s partnership with Railway Children has two aims - have a positive impact on the community local to their factory in New Delhi, and raise awareness of the charity to a new, younger audience via the brands platform. Railway Children also wanted to diversify their corporate income to not be so reliant on the UK rail industry, the fashion industry being a target market due to the links with the textile industry and child labour in India.

The partnership raised £86,000 through two campaigns in 2020 and 2021 –‘White Fridays’ where Friday’s profits were donated for three months, and a COVID-19 emergency campaign where over £10,000 was raised via a £5 donation from every sale.

2022 saw the launch of a charity t-shirt for Railway Children from which £17 per sale will be donated, helping to raise more funds and have an even greater impact on the community, and presenting a fantastic opportunity for Railway Children to reach more people in their target demographic through creative social media campaigns.

By having a clear, authentic, and achievable shared purpose this partnership has already delivered on its core aims and is set to flourish even further over the coming years.