CSL fundraises for Footprints


Client: Footprints Conductive Education Centre

CSL Group is a critical connectivity provider, supporting European businesses in the security, fire, healthcare, retail and critical national infrastructure sectors. At the forefront of everything we do are our customers, who support vulnerable people and at-risk services in these industries.

In 2021, CSL decided to partner with the Footprints Conductive Education Centre. At their Nottingham centre and through their amazing support, babies and children develop the skills they need to thrive and achieve their potential. Their work is inspired by the principles and practices of Conductive Education, a holistic education approach developed to help children with disabilities consciously learn the life skills that come more naturally to others. The partnership is headed up by Rob Evans, Sales Director at CSL and Chairman of Footprints. Since its launch, we have raised over £23,000 for the charity. For some charities, this would be a drop in the ocean, but for Footprints this makes a huge difference. £5,066 transforms the lives of a parent and a child, providing practical advice and emotional support, to one of their families for one year. £2,500 buys specialist eye gaze technology, allowing non-verbal children to communicate and express their wants and needs.