Creating brighter futures for children with global solar leaders.

World Vision UK

Client: Lightsource bp

Since 2014, Lightsource Foundation has partnered with World Vision to provide brighter, more sustainable futures for some of the world’s most vulnerable children. The nine-year-strong partnership has positively impacted almost 100,000 people so far. By working closely with community groups, teachers, health workers, families, and children, the partnership has addressed the root causes of poverty affecting communities in Koas Krala, Cambodia, and Sarlahi, Nepal.

This has been a standout year in the partnership’s history. In 2023 alone, 17,233 people were supported in Sarlahi. In March, a group of Lightsource bp’s team members visited the community to see how their funding is transforming the trajectory of people’s lives. The Charities Trust awarded Lightsource bp UK a Platinum Award now that a fifth of their staff have committed to payroll giving. In September, Lightsource Foundation also achieved the incredible milestone of raising over £1 million in total donations. Lightsource bp is fiercely committed to philanthropy via international employee giving, child sponsorship, fundraising events, and match-funding from the business. This collective effort continues to provide communities with access to clean drinking water, children with quality education, and families with economic opportunities and resources to overcome malnutrition.