Cost of Breathing Crisis campaign


Client: Scope

In 2023 Scope and ITV came together to show how disabled people are being hit hardest by the cost of living crisis. And to let disabled people and their families know that Scope is here to help.

The result was a national, cause-related ad campaign. The campaign featured 6 disabled actors alongside the essential electronic equipment that they need to live their daily lives. And it was inspired by the real stories that Scope hears from disabled people and their families every day. This partnership enabled Scope to reach 10.1 million people - a much larger audience than the charity’s budgets would typically allow for. There was an increase in self-referrals to Scope’s Disability Energy Support service (DES), enabling Scope to provide direct support and guidance to more disabled people who are struggling with the cost of living. Many callers during the campaign period cited the advert as their reason for calling. The campaign also successfully increased public knowledge that life costs more if you’re disabled. Scope and ITV worked together, adapting processes to make this one of only a few accessible adverts. The campaign creates a benchmark of learnings for principles of accessible TV production.