Agency: Charity partner: Comic Relief

Malaria kills a child every 2 minutes. In 2015, GSK and Comic Relief joined forces to fight malaria, and improve health, in seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa and the Greater Mekong region. Combining the expertise of Comic Relief in grant-making, and of GSK in access to global healthcare, the partnership:

- aims to reduce the impact of malaria and strengthen health systems

- is financed by a 17million contribution from GSK and £5million from Comic Relief

- awarded 28 grants to international and local NGOs, meeting different community and national needs to fight malaria

- helped to upskill over 13,000 frontline health workers, supported 1.4m people to understand more about malaria prevention, and reached 599,101 children under 5 at risk of malaria

- directly supported over 3.2 million people

- adopts flexible grant management so partners can respond to and mitigate the impact of crises, like COVID-19

- takes a robust approach to monitoring and evaluation

- supported the African-led Zero Malaria Starts with Me movement, pushing malaria up the media agenda, securing new resources from the private sector and launching a regional campaign to hold leaders to account on their commitments

- provides peer-reviewed evidence on how to strengthen primary health care systems, through investment in malaria