Finsbury Business Centre

Client: The Peel Institute

The Clerkenwell Alliance is a collective of cross-sectoral organisations and individuals that are convened by the company and our charity partner to identify and address issues of concern in the local area. The Alliance consists of organisations from the public sector, the voluntary/community sector, the private sector – including several local businesses and business collective bodies, and individual residents from the community and their representatives. The Alliance was first convened during the pandemic to assist the mutual aid effort in the community. Since the end of lockdown, the Alliance has been refocused to focus on specific issues of concern and strategize to address these utilising the resources from around the room.

This Alliance has over the past year been focusing on the cost-of-living crisis and its lateral implications, especially the impact on mental health and wellbeing of the local community. To address this, the Alliance has focused on the key issues –

1.Combating food insecurity in the area and

2.Providing assistance to alleviate emotional wellbeing of pupils and parents of the local primary school.

3.Enhancing wellbeing of local children.