Charity Partnership Fashion & Retail


Client: Selfridges

Since 2017, Selfridges and Centrepoint have built a lasting and transformative partnership. In 2023, however, Selfridges’ achievements were remarkable; propelling our partnership to new heights. By launching new campaigns, increasing their annual corporate donation, and taking part in more staff fundraising and volunteering than ever, Selfridges have raised a phenomenal £660,304.55 – almost tripling their previous annual donations total!

2023 saw Selfridges launch the ‘Selfridges Unlocked Give Back Initiative’ across all stores; whereby Selfridges donate on their members’ behalf, when making a purchase. To date this has raised over £417,000. Their annual restaurants’ ‘Donate As You Dine’ campaign in partnership with Streetsmart, running since 2018, also raised c.£100,000. Alongside this, Selfridges increased their annual corporate donation to £75,000 from £60,000; funding our Psychotherapy work and became Centrepoint’s first ever ‘Christmas Day’ sponsor. Selfridges’ incredible enthusiasm for ending youth homelessness and improving social mobility is evident in their volunteering and pro-bono support. Their first ‘Careers Day’ for Centrepoint young people resulted in a young person hired into a full-time role, whilst the team volunteered over 400 hours, including painting and decorating at our services. The passion from Selfridges is relentless and their support is invaluable to Centrepoint young people.