Cadent Gas Social Programmes Team

Cadent Gas LTD

Client: 70 local and National charities across the UK

Cadent’s Social Programmes team focuses on responsible actions and collaboration to earn trust and create social value -aiming to make a meaningful impact on communities by addressing fuel poverty and related issues.

Our dynamic and proactive team build partnerships across some of the most deprived areas of the UK, collaborating with over 70 local and national charities, and supporting a diverse range of individuals including offering relevant assistance for young people, families, and people who are vulnerable.

Through these collaborations, we work to customise support offerings to where the needs are greatest, and have made accessing funding easier for smaller organisations to expand their services. We also engage with local community groups and politicians, actively communicate with relevant agencies, and continuously ensure project relevance through hands-on stakeholder engagement.

Key projects for this highly-accomplished team include the Vulnerability and Carbon Monoxide Allowance (VCMA) specific partnerships with organisations like YMCA and Emmaus, and the Centres for Warmth initiatives, which aim to address fuel poverty and ensure safety in vulnerable communities.

Every step we take to find new outreach opportunities, and every partnership we form is cementing the positive and lasting difference we can make to the communities in which we work.